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The following note sets have been covered.

2011  Lecture 1 Grading.ppt

2011  Lecture 2  Basics and Leveling Instruments.ppt

2011  Lecture 3  Setting Up Over a Point.ppt

2011  Lecture 4  Reading  Angles.ppt

2011  Lecture 5  Doing Backsights and Foresights 2010.ppt

2011  Lecture 6  Measuring Distance.ppt

2011 Lecture 7  The Traverse Lab.ppt

2014  Lecture 8  Entering Your Traverse Data In MineSight.ppt

GPS Surveying 2010.ppt

Brunton Compass 2010.ppt

Lecture 6 Underground Traverse2010.ppt

Key Announcements

Your Final Exam for the Surveying Class is a Map of the Campus with the Tunnels Under It

By Friday Dec 6 you will need to turn in MineSight Files with your surface buildings and your part of the tunnels.  These will be made into DXF objects that other people can import into their drawing to turn in the final project by Tuesday Dec. 10 for final grade preparation.

Further Explanation of Your Final Project can be found by clicking the link below


In accordance with this schedule Richard and Andrew have found the coordinates of Austin and Gage Points 1 and 2.  Point 1 is just inside from the shaft and Point 2 is advancing down the tunnels.  Those coordinates are

Point 1 

north east elevation
381158.9 2570581 425.0028

Point 2

north east elevation
381134.86 2570609 425.0028

Survey Files leading to these coordinates are linked below.

Project/1 Grate Station.xls

Project/2  Station 1 to Station 2.xls

Project/3  Station 2 to Station 3.xls

Project/4 Station 3 to Station 4.xls

Project/5  Station 4 to Courtyard Station (1).xls

Project/6  Courtyard into Hall Point A.xls

Project/7  Station A to Station B in Hallway.xls

Project/8  Station B to Station C down long hallway.xls

Project/9  Station C to Station D getting ready for shot into lab area.xls

Project/10  Station D to Station E in the lab area by A29.xls

Project/11  Station E in lab across room to Station F.xls

Project/12  Station F to position G where one can shoot into decline area.xls

Project/13  Station G to Station H at top of decline.xls

Project/14  Station H top of decline to Station I bottom of decline.xls

Project/15  Station I to Austin Point 1 outside of shaft.xls

Project/16  Station J to Station K Austin Point 2 starting down tunnel.xls

The backsight point and first station for Salahi and Paul going to the power plant are

backsight point

north east elevation
381978.79 2570908 479.727

Salahi first instrument station

north east elevation
381987.12 2570912 479.487

The survey spreadsheets that lead up to these coordinates are posted below

17  Austin 2 to Austin 3 through pipes where tunnel turns north.xls

18  Austin 3 to Austin 4 moving north through tunnels to first side tunnel.xls

19  Austin 4 to Austin 5 by starting grate moving north in tunnel.xls

20  Austin 5 to Austin 6 by manhole cover.xls

21  Austin 6 to Austin 7 by corner where tunnel turns west.xls

22  Austin 7 to Austin 8 by corner where tunnel again turns north.xls

23  Austin 8 to Austin 9 by manhole as tunnel goes north.xls

24  Austin 9 to Salahi backsight by power plant breakoff.xls

25  Salahi Backsight to Salahi Station 1 at T in tunnel.xls

The Backsight and First Station Points for the Dakota team are


north east elevation
382286.51 2570333 466.0042

First Station Point

north east elevation
382294 2570336 466.3326

The Survey spreadsheets leading up to these coordinates are posted below

26  Salahi Station 1 to Austin 10 going down left T of tunnel.xls

27  Austin 10 by manhole to Austin 11 by corner where tunnel turns north.xls

28  Austin 11 to Dakota Backsight.xls

29  Austin 11 to Dakota Startpoint.xls

The Backsight and First Station Points for the Erin and Victor team are


north east elevation
382294.29 2570336 466.3185

Erin Station 1

north east elevation
382303.57 2570319 467.1099

The survey spreadsheets leading up to these coordinates are posted below

30  Austin 11 to Erin Backsight.xls

31  Erin Backsight to Erin Station 1.xls







Welcome back from Fall break.  As you know we have missed a surveying class session because of the break timing, but we probably all felt it was worthwhile.

We have spent 3 weeks in the field surveying around the buildings assigned to each group.  If you have finished Ė congratulations.  For some getting out early on some days, bad luck, or partners that were not on time or there have meant that you have not finished.  For these people I plan on making surveying equipment available on Thursday (Oct. 17) from 3 to 6 and Monday ( Oct. 21) from 2 to 6 so that you can get together with your partner and finish the work.

On Oct. 22, 2013 I will be looking for the following from you at the beginning of class.

You should have started surveying at the grate back-sighting the smoke stack and from there, traversed around your required building (or buildings) taking side-shots to the corners that form the foot-print of the building.  You should then have closed your traverse by surveying back to the point by the side of the grate where you started (I may have a group that failed to close their traverse).

You will be turning in the following work on a thumb drive to show that you did indeed complete the task.

1-      A MineSight project file

a.       The file should contain your traverse points where you set up your instruments.  They should be in a separate color and a separate geometry object.

b.      The file should contain the side shot points that mark your building corners.  These points should be in a separate color and a separate geometry object.  The points in this file should be joined by lines so the footprint of the building can be seen.

2-      A collection of completed Excel Traverse Survey Book spreadsheets, one for each shot you took.  The spreadsheets should have names such that one can tell which shot and which point coordinates were calculated by the sheet.  Obviously the spreadsheet collection should match the points found on your MineSight drawing.

3-      A electronic image (by scan or drawing) of a sketch that shows how you labeled your points and what each of those points were.  Obviously this sketch should match the points calculated and labeled in your Excel Traverse Survey Book spreadsheet collection in 2.

Since you will be adding to your drawing throughout the semester do not turn your only copy of your map and spreadsheets in on the thumb drive.  (You will get your thumb drive back, but you donít want to turn in your only copy).

In class we will cover the Brunton Compass, GPS, and the level.  We will start an field lab with these instruments which will continue into Oct. 29th (Tuesday of the following week).



  Traverse Survey Book 2011.xls 

When you do your underground surveying you will take your first shot using two known points - the point you are under and your backsight.  The following spreadsheet can be used for this first shot underground

Traverse Survey Book 2011 with 2 known points.xls

For one group they had their foresight direction shot in by another team rather than their backsight points.  For this team the following special purpose spreadsheet will be needed for their initial shot.

Traverse Survey Book 2011 with known foresight.xls

You will be required to produce maps of portions of the SIU campus from your surveying work.  Your spreadsheets calculating your point coordinates and the maps you draw are to be stored on the S drive of the Mining Lab computers.  Each of you have a subdirectory on the S drive.  Everyone can see your work, but only you can change it.  You will have to "map" your access to the S drive on each computer you work with.  The PDF file below shows how this is to be done.

Mapping the S Drive.pdf