Proficiencies are in class exercises usually done in doors either in the class-room or the adjacent hallways.  They involve setting up, using, and taking measurements with the surveying equipment introduced during the class.  Some require filling in answers on a piece of paper in the same fashion that you would handle a "Pop Quiz".  In a proficiency exercise you will demonstrate the use of an instrument directly to the instructor on a "one on one" basis.  You will be graded individually, and those grades will make up 35% of your final grade.

    The in class proficiency exercises for this class include

1- Setting up a traditional transit and reading the verniers

2- Setting up and reading the angles on an optical theodolite

3- Turning angles from a backsight to a foresight and measuring the angle with a transit and optical theodolite

4- Using a Brunton Compass

5- Setting up a digital transit and reading a stadia rod for distance

6- Using a Total Station and taking an EDM distance measurement

7- Setting up and determining an elevation change with a self leveling and dumpy level