Labs are simple "outdoor" field surveys done by student teams.  Some labs are long enough that they will take more than one class period to perform.  Labs will provide 65% of the points for your grade.  Obviously attendance is important because some tasks in surveying require multiple people and failure to "show up" "lets your group down".  Labs will have to be made up if some event or condition makes performing the work impossible.  Poor weather is not necessarily an excuse from a lab.  Many real surveys have been performed while people get rained on.

    The labs in this class are

1- Setting up a Baseline and Triangulating a Point

2- Doing a Traverse around the Engineering Building

3- Doing a Traverse in the Tunnels underneath the Engineering Building

4- Doing a Contour Map Using a Level

5- Setting up a Baseline with a GPS unit

6- Visiting and working with a survey crew at a mine site