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University regulations require that final exam times be on the initial syllabus.  While this class does not have a traditional "final exam", your final written project submission serves as the final exam.  As a result your final project report is due on May 6, by 2:50 PM.  You may submit early without penalty.  University regulations do not permit God himself to change a final exam time.  Therefore the 2:50 PM due time on May 6th, 2014 is absolute.

Guide Documents and Resources

Project Introduction

2015 Metal Mining Project.pptx

Polymetalic Copper Project

2015 Project

2015 Project Work Flow.pptx

Week 2  Senior Design 2015.pptx

Week 3  Senior Design 2015.pptx

Week 4  Senior Design 2015.pptx

Initial Resource Helps

Metal Prices to 2010.pdf

Consumer Price Index 1913 to 2014.xlsx

An Introduction to MS Reserve.pptx

Continuing lectures and guides

Building Economics 2.ppt

Protocols and Referencing

Producing Technical Reports   (note this is the one that talks about appendices)

Doing An Oral Presentation.pptx

Comments Concerns end of week 3 Senior Design 2015.pptx

How to Get a Metal Price for a Concentrate.pptx

How to Set Up a Processing Plan in MSOPIT.pptx

Adjusting a Mine Cost Service Model.pptx

Model written report (Wage and Benefits Spreadsheet)

Projected Wages and Benefits

Special Topics Presentations/Wage and Benefit Cost Table.xls

How do I build a cross country road with MineSight?

Roads in MineSight.pptx

How could I build a dump in MineSight?

Building Waste Dumps in MineSight

I need to deal with variable slopes for my pit in MineSight

Slopes in MSOPT Calculations

Some possible helps on costs of roasting to free gold from pyrite

(note that these papers included flotation and other costs while you may be

targeting only roasting cost)

EconomicsGoldOre 1990 paper.pdf

Options to Treat Refractory Ores.pdf

Pyrite Roasting for Sulfuric Acid 2009.pdf

You will be trying to work on stage pits.  The presentation below may be helpful.

1 Planning Ore Extraction Sequences in Open Pit Mines.ppt