As a part of any accredited engineering program it in necessary that you be trained in a comprehensive design exercise that brings together and draws upon your training in all your previous course work.  This experience, together with practical internships is intended to help you make the applied link between the theory and restricted design exercises of your regular course work and the real world practice of engineering.  The course is built around a single project, worked on in teams, and designed to simulate your future experiences as a design team member working on a comprehensive project.

        It is intended that your experience build the following specific skills

1- Learn to integrate and apply knowledge from all your undergraduate areas of study to a single project.

2- Learn to work as a member of an engineering team receiving input from others and making timely contributions to the work of all

3- Learn to communicate orally with other engineers and with reviewers making decisions about the projects you have designed

4- Learn to organize neat professional, well written technical reports from the work that you have done

5- Learn to use a comprehensive Mining based computer design package.