Computer aided mine design is a different sort of class from anything you have taken before as part of your undergraduate education. Unlike the usual lecture-read-turn in homework-take test format, in Mining 460 you will apply knowledge from all your classes to perform a single large design project. As in the real world, you will work in teams. You will be required to report your activities and results both orally and in writing. The course is intended to simulate the multi-faceted project design and engineering work that you will do as part of your engineering career. The final product of your work will be a technical report and economic feasibility study of your project. As with all real world projects, your results are not guaranteed to be positive.

This course has several units of prepared material that will be reviewed when time is available or the need arises, but part of the time you will be ask or required to study the material on your own.   The units are explained further below but the general weekly schedule is.

Monday - The instructor will introduce lectures or material of general interest to the class including material on specific pre-prepared topics.

Unit #2 - Cost Estimation

    The feasibility of any project really hinges around the ability to engineer a solution or plan that will perform the intended function while ensuring that that plan is safe to workers, safe to the environment, doable within the bounds of law, and economically viable.  Following the introduction, half of the class time each of the early weeks of the semester will be devoted to explaining how the costs of different alternatives and designs can be estimated.  It is intended that economic viability be a choice guiding principle throughout the semester as your groups meet and make decisions.

Unit #3 - Report Organization

    As report preparation is called for the instructor will begin on techniques for organizing a professional quality report.  Since the work of the semester culminates in oral and written reports on the viability of the project your engineering teams designed, this material is intended to help you structure assignments, records, and calculations throughout the class with the end product in mind.

Unit #4 - Economic Analysis

    As your projects come together with their estimated costs at some point projecting potential earnings will be needed.  This unit is a review of discounted cash flow analysis techniques taught in Engr. 361 and here augmented with some work on tax considerations. 

Unit #5 - Student Oral Reports

    Expectations for the content and presentation of oral reports.


Tuesday and Wednesday

These classes will be devoted to the specific needs of various projects.  It is anticipated that Tuesday will be for coal projects and Wednesday will be for Metal and Aggregate Projects.

Friday - Students will do oral presentation of their work and its results.  Class discussions will make choices and identify directions that will be the basis for the next weeks work.