This class does not follow a conventional assignment structure, but rather uses a weekly work schedule with progress measured by oral reports on your summaries and findings in work.

This class uses and enforced pace to make sure that work is not put off till the hopeless end of a semester (a final mine design is the product of this class).  This pace is maintained by laying out the work that needs to be done on the project each week and then the instructor working with student teams to get that work divided between and assigned to individuals.  At the end of the week each student is called upon to give their oral report of their findings.  The degree to which their assigned task has been accomplished is gauged from the oral presentation.  70% of the points from the oral presentation is based on completion of the task (obviously correctly), and 30% is based on oral presentation skill.  Most students use Power Point which can include screen shots of work and key results (students will use a computer aided design package).  These assignments correspond to the 40% portion of your grade titled "Weekly Work Completion Oral Reports".  The total score is a simple average of weekly scores.

Relative to the credit hours offered, capstone design classes such as this one in almost all engineering programs at almost all universities have the most unfavorable balance of work required to credit given of any course you will take. The capstone design class asks you to design a mine and analyze its economics in one semester. Such an undertaking requires a constant heavy paced work load throughout a semester.