Grading Scale

This class gives grades A through F using a fixed point scale (ie - there is no curve and each individuals grade is determined by their own performance relative to a fixed class standard and not the performance of others).

90% and above is an A

80% and above is a B

70% and above is a C

60% and above is a D

Below 60% is an F

Final grades utilize a round up rule.  If ones final percentage is more than an exact integer number it will automatically be rounded up to the next integer number.  This would mean, for example that someone getting 89.017% would have the final percentage rounded to 90%, which corresponds to an A grade.

Source of Points

60% of the points in this class come from a series of 12 weekly quizzes.  All 12 quizzes carry equal weight.  20% is from the Midterm.  20% is from the final.  The class does not have homework (unless one counts knowing the minerals or studying notes as homework).