Grades are given on a strictly percentage basis.

90% + = A

80% + = B

70% + = C

60% + = D

< 60% the grade that people donít talk about

Because grading (even though I do it perfectly and fairly) is not always an exact science, there is some tolerance built around grade break-points. This takes the form of how rounding is done. Under normal mathematical rounding a persons score is rounded to the nearest whole number. In this class rounding is always up to the next whole number when final grades are done. In words a final score of 89.00000000001% would be rounded to 90%. The rationale is that there is no way that grading can be precise enough to tell the difference between a student with 89.49% and 89.51%, so the benefit of the doubt is given to all. All of the hypothetical students in the 89.x examples would be rounded to 90% which is the break-point for an A.

Grades are based on 6 Quiz/Home Work hybrid assignments and 3 tests. The Quizzes receive 10 points each with the lowest quiz score being dropped. The tests are 16.67% each with no dropping of the lowest score. The quizzes and tests cover various topical areas outlined below.