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We have started Unit 1 on Environmental Laws.   The link below will tell you what lectures were covered, and when they were covered, or an estimate of what will be covered next.  There are links to power point lecture notes corresponding to the lectures given in class.  These notes may provide good review or be helpful if you have to miss a class once and a while, but they were not designed to substitute for class attendance and will probably not yield satisfactory results if you attempt to use them as such.

Lectures Covered and Pending

Assignments Issued

Unit 1 Assignment 1 has been done

Unit 1 Assignment 2 has been done

Unit 1 Assignment 3 has been done

Unit 1 Assignment 4 has been done.

Unit 2  Assignment 1 has been done

Unit 2  Assignment 2 has been done

Unit 2  Assignment 3 has been done

Unit 3  Assignment 1 has been done

Unit 3  Assignment 2 has been done

Unit 3 Assignment 3 has been done

Unit 3 Assignment 4 has been done

Unit 4 Assignment 1 has been done

Unit 4 Assignment 2 has been done

Unit 4 Assignment 3 was issued May 4, 2015 and is due May 6.  A link is provided below.

Unit 4  Assignment 3



Assignments are due at the stroke of Midnight on the due date of the assignment.  Most assignments can be emailed to me.  Some students believe that there is an unwritten rule that prohibits working on homework until the last 30 minutes before it is due.  There is no such rule in this class.  In fact, I recommend against it.  If something goes wrong you have left no time to search for a solution (sooner or later something will go wrong).  There are no office hours for the instructor at 11:30 at night.  Please consider your decisions carefully before waiting till the last minute.

Remember - due dates are called due dates because they are when the assignment (not a quality excuse) is due.  There is a time period of several days or more between the time an assignment is issued and when it is due.  An assignment can be submitted any time in this window.  Consequently excuses that pertain only to a few hours of one day in the time interval (even if it is the very end of the time interval) are not an excuse at all.  Example an assignment is issued on Monday and is due 1 week later.  The student has a vague "Drs excuse" that says the student was in their office on the due date.  Is this an excuse?  No!  What happened during the first 6 days the assignment was issued?  The student - not the instructor made the decision to wait till the last day to do the homework.  Are we really to believe they were in a Doctor's office till Midnight?  ER maybe, but not a doctors office.  Out of town for a school event? - If its Mining related the due date was probably already adjusted to accommodate the event.  Some other event or a religious holiday?  You know when it is - get your assignment done before it starts.  You got a text message right after class that Aunt Mildred has died and will be laid to rest in a remote internet free region of the Amazon jungle and a helicopter is waiting outside right now to take you too the funeral?  You were comatose in the hospital for the entire week between assignment issue and assignment due?  I doubt it - but if you have the documentation to prove it for the entire assignment time interval you just might have a winner.  Just remember 90% time coverage still leaves 10% open and the burden of proof in on you - not the instructor.


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