Lectures Given


Unit 1 - Design of Belt Conveyors

Parts and Functions of a Conveyor System.ppt  Presented Aug. 19, 20, 2013

Design of Belt Conveyors part 1.ppt      Assignment #1 - Pick a belt width and speed for a section belt on a super section  Presented Aug. 20 and 22nd, 2013

Design of Belt Conveyors part 2.ppt     Assignment #2 - Add a profile, drives and pulleys to your assignment #1 design  Presented Aug. 22, 2013

Design of Belt Conveyors part 3.ppt     Unit Project - Design a slope belt conveyor to move 1700 tph of coal up from a depth of 800 feet.  Started Aug. 22, 2013

Unit 2 - Introduction to MineSight

1 Introduction to MineSight 2012.ppt                                Assignment #1 - Basic MineSight Manuvering and Drawing Done

2  Using Topographic Map Data in MineSight 2012.ppt    Assignment #2 - Import a DXF File and Triangulate a Surface  Done

3 Defining Orebodies 2012.ppt           Assignment #3 - Use the Linker Tool to outline and Orebody and Trim it at the Surface  Done

4 Drawing Underground Mine Features 2012.ppt     Unit Project - Draw an underground mine for your orebody   Done

Unit 3 - Pumps, Pipes, and Slurries

1 - Pumps and Pipes  Done    Assignment #1 - Pick a More Efficient Pump and Pipe Combo

2  Pumps for Slurry  Done     Assignment #2 - Feed a Cyclone Bank with a Phosphate Slurry.  Draw the Pump-Pipe


Unit 3 Pumps and Pipes Final Project

Unit 4 - Carlson Software for tabular deposits

Unit 4  Carlson.pptx   dropped due to software issues

Unit 5 - Hoists

\1- Hoist Types and Configurations.ppt  Done

2- Rope Types.ppt    Done

3- Braking Systems   Done

4  Steps in Hoist Design  - Unit Project   Done


Unit 6 - Design of Ultimate Pits with MineSight

1 Block Models and Rough Open Pits.ppt      Assignment #1 - Create an Ultimate Pit  Completed Oct. 10, 2013

2 Putting Roads and Benches in a Pit.ppt (not complete)   Unit Project - Put in Benches and Roads  Completed Oct. 17, 2013

3 Trimming Mines with Benches and Roads to topography

Unit 4 - Planning Truck and Loader Fleets with FPC

1  Using FPC to Size Truck and Loader Fleets.ppt  Assignment #1 - Get a fleet that can produce my ore from 2 load points

look for chance to do binomial probability and FPC

Unit 5 - Optimizing Open Pit Mine Plans with MineSight

1 Planning Ore Extraction Sequences in Open Pit Mines.ppt           Assignment #1 - Create a series of 7 practical push-backs

2  Issues with the Pit Expansion Tool and Stage Pits.ppt       start drawing your stage pits

3  Using MineSight VALP.ppt       Run Valp to find the resources in your push-back sequence

4 Interpreting VALP Results.ppt

Setting up Strategic Planner - needed

Running Strategic Planner - needed

Interpreting Strategic Planner Results - needed

MineSight Haulage

Unit 6 - Working with Fluids

1 Pumps and Pipes 2012.ppt                         Assignment #1 - Pick a More Efficient Pump and Pipe Combo

2 Pumps for Slurry.ppt         Assignment #2 - Feed a Cyclone Bank with a Phosphate Slurry.  Draw the Pump-Pipe Curve

Guest Presentation on Vnet PC

Design of Hoisting systems - under development

Unit 8 - Motors

Foundations of Motors and Generators - The Synchronous AC Motor  Done

Induction Motors Done

DC Motors Done

The Switched Reluctance Motor

5- Making Motors Dance Our Tune.ppt