Grade Assessment. Grades in this course will be strictly percentage based. There is no curve either to take from students a well deserved good grade or to spare students the impact of a bad grade.  The average percentage from assignments and tests then becomes the basis for the grade. The break points for grades are

90% and above A

80% and above B

70% and above C

60% and above D

everything else F

After the final grade percentage is computed all non-zero decimal point values are rounded up to the next highest whole number - ie 89.0001% will round to 90% - 89% even does not round up to 90%.

Point Breakdown.  There are 23 homework assignments - each with 100% possible.  The unweighted average percentage of the 23 homeworks becomes the basis of 50% of the grade.  There are two tests - the midterm and the final.  These tests are equally weighted and are 50% of the grade.

Extra Credit.  Extra credit is focused on getting people to do the fundamental things to pass the class and to pass the FE Exam.

Bonus for 90% Class Attendance.  Homework will be 45% of your grade and tests 45%.  The remaining 10% will be an automatic 100%

Bonus for test study.  Prior to both the midterm and the final a "practice midterm" and "practice final" is put online.  Both tests have partial answer keys to help you see if you are going after the problems correctly.  As part of studying for a test it is suggested that you work out the solution to each practice problem, explaining what you are doing in each step to reach a solution.  This should be written and printed out.  Since the exams are open book and open notes you can take these "practice exam" solutions into the test with you.  At the conclusion of the test you will turn in both your test and your practice.  If you did the practice test your test score will be raised by 10 points.  (What if you already have 100%? - How does 110% sound?)

Bonus for taking mock FE exams.  Several "mock FE exams" covering only engineering economics are given near the end of the semester.  A mock FE exam takes about 45 minutes and is given during non-class times for extra points.  (Warning - to get the extra points you have to "pass" the exam (ie. 70%).  Most people who have skipped a lot of homework, not attended class, and blown tests badly have not historically passed the mock FE exams so do not count on extra credit to allow you do slop your way through the class and expect to be saved by a miracle at the end of the course).

Note on extra credit - There is no curve in this class.  Everyone can get 100% by perfect performance on their regular tests and assignments.  The fact that someone else raises their grade with extra credit will not lower your grade - there is no curve.  Not doing extra credit simply foregoes an opportunity to raise your grade.