Where We Are

What Lecture are we on?

On April 8 we started unit 8 on Taxes.  You can use those links to view slides used in class - please see warning below.

Lectures Given and Pending

(This portion of the site shows the day that different lectures were given and when the next topics are anticipated to be delivered.  It can be a valuable resource for people who have to miss a day of class, but it should not be a substitute for class attendance.  Looking at Power points and learning from class attendance are not the same thing for most people.  Although lecture slides are available, it was never intended that they replace attendance and the slides were not created to substitute). 

The beginnings of a text on Engineering Economics that follows the teaching methods of the class is being developed.  Only the first few lectures are covered but it is available as a resource using the link below.

Text on Engineering Economics.docx

What Assignments have been made?

Homework 23 was assigned on April 22 and is due on April 24, 2014.  A link to the assignment is posted below.

Assignment 23

Key Announcements

Students wishing to take an end of the semester test on the last day of class instead of the Final Exam (its one or the other) may do so on the last day of class.  The Final Exam will still be given at the appointed time for individuals wanting additional time to prepare.

A practice test is being given for this last test also.  As with the Midterm if you do the practice test you will have 10 points added to your final exam score.  All 3 questions and a partial answer set are now available.

Practice Second Half of the Semester Test 2014.docx


Notes and Suggestions on Homeworks. - Homework makes up 50% of your grade.  You cannot pass without doing at least part of it.  I get lots of displays of unhappiness from students at the end of the semester who did not realize that missing homeworks could devastate their grades or who had not paid attention to how many homeworks they missed.  Grades in this class are on a fixed point scale so if you miss homework the consequence is automatic and certain.  Don't be an unfortunate one who thought this meant everyone else but you.  Most homework assignments take less than 20 minutes (a lot can be done in under 5 if you know exactly what you are doing).  Since homeworks are issued immediately after a topic is covered in class the best time to do them is right away while things are "fresh on your mind".  If you find yourself starring aimlessly at the screen not knowing what do your time would probably be better spent seeing the instructor or a friend for help.  Things in this class tend to build on each other.  If you are lost, just waiting for the problem to go away probably will not work well.  You have real person help available in this type of class - use it.

Homework Due Dates! - Most homework is done in online modules.  These modules try to give you immediate feedback on your answers and are often set up to look for answers that may indicate you are making specific types of mistakes.  If you appear to make such a mistake the module will try to warn you about the mistake and offer you suggestions on how to do the problem.  Sometimes people continue to enter wrong answers that do not seem to correspond to a specific kind of mistake.  After several wrong answers of this type the computer will kick you out, suggest you go talk to your instructor, and make you submit your homework on paper so a person can look at your work and see if they can figure out what you are doing wrong.  Do not just do paper homework and ignore the computer.

If you are able to do your homework all online then a Jan. 26th due date means it is due when Jan. 26th runs out (which is midnight).  Homework done on paper is due at the end of class on Jan. 26th.  Here is the risk!  If you wait till 11:45 pm on Jan. 26th to do your homework and then you get kicked out and told to do your homework on paper then you are "screwed" because the deadline for paper submissions is past.  Getting kicked out at the last minute is not an excuse, but it might be an indication of you being too gutsy about last minute work for your own good.

Due dates are called due dates because they are the day the homework (not an excuse) is due.  Innovative excuses about being abducted by aliens or having all your friends and relatives simultaneously killed in separate plane crashes are not substitutes for homework turned in on time.  Homework is posted online and can be done on a computer so being snowed in in Nome, Alaska does not mean you can't do homework.  What if you get kicked off?  Then and only then do you e-mail your homework to me at paul_b@engr.siu.edu.  Please no "doctors excuses" that say you visited their office on Jan. 26th - you were not in their office for 2.5 days from Jan. 24th to Jan. 26th  without any access to the internet.  If you are comatose in intensive care for two weeks the "doctors excuse" should say you were comatose for two weeks from such to such a time period.  Some people have religious observances on certain days.  You know what days are religious holidays before they happen.  Do your homework and get it turned in early if the regular due date is a holly day and turning in or doing homework would be contrary to your faith.  Going to be out of town for an academic or athletic event - do the homework before leaving town or online during your road trip.  In short the only excuse for late homework that will likely fly is that one about being comatose for two weeks (comatose and sick are not the same thing).

Office Hours

University policy requires designation of official office hours during which instructors make it a point to be in their office and available for consultation.  I will usually be happy to help you at any time I am in my office regardless of whether it is formal office hours or not.  If I have some critical deadline to meet I will politely let you know.  You may try to arrange a specific appointment or can call to my office phone (453-7923) to see if I am in. 

Final Exam Time

University procedures require that the administrations final exam time be posted at the start of the semester and cannot be changed by mere mortals such as teachers or students.  The time set is Friday, May 9th from 10:10 to 12:10.  Yes - I fully realize this time is a disaster.  Many of you have flights, travel or work plans but I can't change the exam time.  I can certainly foresee that giving me 4 hours on Friday and 6 hours on Monday to grade the exam will result in some grades being late.  They don't care  - so we can all complain together.  While praying to Rita Cheng may do some good, praying to God will not.  He can't change the exam time either.

Class Assistant Update

   The Class Assistant Spreadsheet is being modified to provide examples and guidance to users and avoid miscalculations by students.  The modified version is provided below.  A sheet explaining how the Magic Numbers in the Magic Numbers calculator has been added.  Your comments on whether this information is helpful would be appreciated.

Class Assistant.xls