Several types of resources are available to help and supplement the learning of this material.

One of the most often used features of Engineering Economics are the six basic formulas used to adjust (discount) money occurring at various points in time to a common point in time.  Use the link below to obtain the formulas

You may wish to read the chapters of the textbook that most closely correspond to the material covered in class.

You may wish to "drill" yourself with additional problems to strengthen learning by repetition.

The IRS puts out several publications that explain in detail how to apply some of the tax concepts covered in the tax unit of this course.

A written summary of the approach to Engineering Economics used in this course is available.  For most it will be most valuable as a concept review prior to the Midterm and Final Exams.

Studying answers to homeworks may also be helpful.  A partial list of homework answer keys is available.

There are also pre-written spreadsheet programs that will do the mathematical part of many of the financial calculations needed in this class.