Dispute Resolution

The University has a conflict resolution procedure in the event that you feel sincerely wronged by an action or inaction of the instructor with respect to this class or its peripheral activities.  Students are ask to utilize the procedure.

1- first see the instructor about the area of concern to see if a mutually acceptable solution is possible.

2- Communicate the dispute to the instructors Chairman - in my case Dr. Spearing - Chair of the Department of Mining Engineering.  The Chairman can often arbitrate a difference.

3- If no resolution is reached through the instructor or Chairman then you can take your grievance to the Dean of the College of Engineering  (Dr. Warwick).  It is suggested that you may wish to make the complaint in writing at this point as by the time something reaches this level one probably wants a "paper trail" to show that efforts at dispute resolution have been diligent.

4- If no resolution is still achieved you can submit a formal written grievance that will go to the University's regular grievance committees.  These committees have power to impose a solution.  Students have the right to and have in times past utilized legal council at grievance committee hearings.

Beyond this you have the right to file legal action, however, the instructor notes that it is his opinion that the University has used substantial creativity to ensure that a court battle with the University  will never be a fair fight (and if you involve a University class and the official actions of a University employee it will be a battle with the University).