Attendance Policy

No specific role call or attendance monitoring policy exists for this class, however, students are strongly cautioned that poor attendance (even if one believes they can just review lecture power points) is usually seriously harmful to students grades.  Students who must occasionally miss a non-test day class are encouraged to review the lecture notes covered that day, check the website for assignments or other updates, and to see the instructor for help with material they cannot grasp after review of the lecture notes. 

The midterm is given during class time and the final at a time specified by the University.  Obviously not being present makes it unlikely that the student will have a test submission to score.  If students know they will be absent on a test day for a University sanctioned activity they are responsible to make arrangements with the instructor before the test.  Students using a University program that allows the student to take a test in a more controlled environment should make arrangements with the instructor before the test.  If a student misses a test for health reasons documentation provided after the fact should indicate why the student could not attend the test (ie- if the doctors excuse says only that you had a appointment on that day but does not specify the time or indicate that the appointment was an all day activity or that the sickness was incapacitating for the entire day it is not an excuse).  The instructor reserves the right to release students from attending a test before the fact for health reasons if in the estimation of the instructor allowing the excuse would help to control the spread of disease.