For "hands on" mandatory learning there will be a series of short assignments given through the semester. The mandatory learning exercises will form 50% of your grade. Each assignment is equally weighted. It is permissible for students to work on these assignments in groups but each individual is responsible for their own homework submission and the homeworks are graded based on what is written (or rather, what the instructor perceives has been written). As a warning, there will from time to time be students who abuse group work situations and simply attempt to copy the work of others. Obviously, these students are eliminating one of the learning tools intended for this material and are potentially placing their ability to pass the course in jeopardy. Most "copy the homework" students make mistakes or take short-cuts in copying that make their homework much more obvious than they think, and create numerous "opportunities" to loose points during the grading process. Thus the "copy class" students often loose many of the points they thought they were gaining. The second problem comes during tests when students cannot work in groups and there is no one available to copy from. With only 50% of the points on homework, getting points by copying without learning the material is likely to lead to unhappiness when grades come out.

Assignment #2
Assignment #4
Assignment #5 - Doing NPVs
Assignment #6 - Salley Silver Spoon
#7 Ned and Nelly Newcar
Assignment #8 Fred and Fanny Furniture
Assignment #9 Herby and Hanna Housing
Assignment 10
Assignment 11
Assignment 12
Assignment 13
Assignment 14
Assignment 15
Assignment 16
Assignment 17
Assignment 18
Assignment 19
Assignment 20
Assignment 21
Assignment 22 and 23