As indicated under grading assignments collectively account for 50% of the grade in this course.  Since each subunit of the course is graded separately, not all assignments will necessarily have exactly the the same weight, since not all subunits have the same number of assignments.  Homework problems are generally short and focused on the mathematical and judgmental techniques needed to perform specific steps of a much larger design oriented problem. The topical coverage web pages provide the lecture notes and then state when an assignment is made.  Links to the assignment are then provided.  It is also possible to keep track of assignments by checking the "Where We Are" button on the main page, or my clicking on assignments posted below to see if an assignment or due date has been issued.

Unit #1 Surface Mining Techniques and Economics

Unit #2 Blasting


Unit #3  Truck and Loader Operations


#1 Stripping Ratios and Economic Feasiblity
Assignment #2 Unit Operations
Assignment #3 Break-Even Reserves
Assignment 4 Pit Slopes
Assignment 5 Manuvering in MineSight(R)
Assign. #6 Finding the Ultimate Pit
Assignment #7 Sequencing Pits
Assignment 8a
Assignment #8
Assignment #9
Assignment 10
Assignment #11
Assignment 12
Assignment 13
Assignment 14
Assignment 15
Assignment 15B
Assignment 16
Assignments 17 to 20
Assignment 21
Assignment 22
Assignment 23
CYA  Assignment